Swinford & District Credit Union Ltd are encouraging children to start saving with their local credit union!

The credit union launches its ‘Junior Savers Week’ this week (October 5th – 11th) which aims to encourage the importance of saving for the future.

Research shows that how we behave around money as adults is learned early on from our parents.  Implementing good money habits for children early on helps them understand the importance of financial responsibility.  So it is never too early for children to start learning prudent financial behaviour!

Bobbi, our new Junior Saver character will be helping us to share her story about saving during the week, and will be giving some great advice along the way!

Swinford & District Credit Union Ltd want to ensure that our future generations are financially educated and empowered.  Teaching children the value of money is a real benefit to them in the future and habits learned from an early age last a lifetime. 

We want to encourage the development of a regular savings habit during Junior Savers Week and want to encourage all children to join us here at the credit union and open their very first savings account!